Little Inferno Review: Online Gaming

Little Inferno is an indie release for download on the Nintendo eShop. It was made by Tomorrow Corporation, who developed the critically acclaimed World of Goo. The Wii U’s eShop has been flooded with full-retail and indie games, and it was seemed that Little Inferno had been overshadowed by the such as Trine 2: Director’s Cut and Chasing Aurora. For me, at first, Little Inferno seemed to be looking like a risky buy; especially with the chattering on Miiverse about ‘How it is a good game but not for $15.00’ & ‘What’s the purpose?’. Fortunaly, the game was discounted on the holiday sale (which I think had most of us surprised), so I decided to shell out the $10 and give it a try.


After the game finished downloading and the little application appeared on the screen I eagerly (and hesitantly) started up the game. To my surprise tossing everything I could find into the fire proved to be very entertaining, and watching objects react in a dark but humorous way was rather amusing.

The soundtrack is another great portion of the game. In my opinion, it was composed so beautifuly that you could feel emotions out of it. The sound changes when a letter received. It soon became clear that Little Inferno is not just child’s play; it’s anything but that.

The game is rather short, about three hours, but for some it would take longer or perhaps shorter depending on how fast you mange to figure out the tricky combinations of items. After all, there are 99 combinations and the little letters and tidbits you acquire to deepen the story. To me, Little Inferno was more a piece of art than a game but regardless it was amusing throwing things into the fireplace.

Explaining Little Inferno just won’t do it justice, but I will try my best. You can use the GamePad or Wii Remote & Nunchuk combo to play the game. You can also play exclusively on the GamePad (which is what I tended to do). You are sat in front of a fireplace and you receive a few letters and a brief tutorial. You then receive a catalog and this is where the game truly begins. You buy things and burn them (the sound effects and look of the fire look believable) and collect the coins which somehow amount to more than you started with. You must burn every item within a catalog to gain another catalog and throughout you should be completing combos and receiving letters that you can also toss into the fireplace.

The game is eerie and the music is fitting. The graphics even seem to match. The game may sound dull but it is truly addicting. Although I am embarrassed to admit it I played through the game twice in one night (Pro tip: Keep the ‘free hug coupon’). The game plays through beautifully and the story is oddly sad, humorous and even more deep on an analytical level.

For some the lifespan may not be long but I would have been happy paying the full price for the game after I had purchased it. Little Inferno may not necessarily be a game but it was definitely an experience. I would recommend Little Inferno to anyone with a Wii U. This little indie flame deserves to spread like wildfire!

Spend time at home and play Little Inferno!

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Deciding on how to properly decorate your dining room is no doubt a tedious process with so many choices of dining tables and dining table accessories. And picking the right dining room table is in itself a tough decision too. If you are having a hard time deciding on which dining room table to get, than I would suggest that you get a glass dining room table. Glass extensions are known for their beauty, practicality, style and sturdiness. Time and again, glass dining room tables have proven to be worth more than the money paid for them because of their exquisite looks and durability.


With countless size, shape and color options available, a glass dining room table is a perfect addition to any dining room. Before buying glass extensions, make sure that you have calculated the size and space requirements properly because since a glass dining room table is made out of wood and glass, once crafted it is nearly impossible to resize it. Once you have accurately figured out the space and size measurements you too can become a proud owner of a glass dining room table.

You may find that some people are rather skeptical about a glass dining room table because of all the safety concerns for the children and kids. They are right in their own way but let me tell you that glass dining room tables are completely safe for children and kids to play around them. They are completely safe because the creators, crafters and manufacturers strictly follow safety regulations. The glass, no matter how big or small, that is used on a Glass extensions is toughened. That makes the glass unbreakable under normal circumstances unless you actually use a hammer to actually smash it. You could try and test the toughness of the glass by bashing into it; slam plates on it or by leaving hot items on it and you will see that it just won’t break. Just remember to avoid cheap knock offs and get a glass dining room table from a reputable seller.

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6 Best Tools to Make It Easier to Attract Customers in Your Business

Are you looking to use Instagram to promote sales? This thing can be a lot easier by looking for the user-friendly tools that are made for it. Choose the right Instagram tool from this list to improve your revenue.


  1. Pick the Shoppable Content through InSelly Hashtag

Hashtags are really the best thing to connect with Instagram users and you can make the most of InSelly hashtag. Like various platforms, #Inselly and other relevant tags are helpful to enhance your presence. It can make things easier when it comes to looking for shoppable content. It also flags the content if users are around it.  The purchase can easily be processed with PayPal and buyers can easily connect with the sellers. All you need to installsInSelly and integrate with Instagram. Sellers can easily use it for free without paying any fees or commissions. To promote content, you have to buy “coins”.


  1. Soldsie – Sell Products with Your Comments

With this tool, you can make a purchase from the Instagram news feed of the seller directly without even leaving it. This selling tool is also capable of working for Facebook. Both sellers and buyers need to integrate and install the tool with Instagram once registration with Soldsie is done. The method of “comment selling” is used to make sales.  Upload your products through the dashboard and turn the images into saleable Instagram posts. Include specific information and product information like “100% Cotton, Available in White and Blue” on all product posts.


  1. Shopseen – Sync Your Inventory across Online Stores

Shopseen is a multi-channel interface with which you can list and upload your products and get them uploaded automatically to various e-commerce stores like eBay, Shopify, Woo, and Etsy. Then Shopseen will update the inventory across most of the sales channels, automatically and consistently. They have simple selling tool which is user-friendly and good for both customers and e-commerce businesses.  With your profile link, you can create a storefront through Shopseen.


  1. Have2Have It – Connects to Your Storefront

This standalone tool lets you make sales in various ways. By knowing variety and versatility, you can easily make more sales. Instead of selling through comments, Have2Have.It allows users to send buyers to their e-commerce website by using their profile links in their bio. This tool uses conversion tracking to provide email capture data and advanced analytics. You can easily schedule your posts and connect several products to a unique image.


  1. Let sell It – Live Chat with Buyers

This app is needed by both sellers and buyers. You have to register your items with this free app and add both description and photo and it will be posted on Instagram with this app. Ask Letsell.It registered buyers to like your product’s image on Instagram. Once they do, they will be redirected to the app to complete and verify the purchase through PayPal. It will also keep an eye on all of your sales. It can easily send messages between sellers and the buyers. This way, you can answer their queries and help buyers to choose products.


  1. Like2Buy – Make a Gallery of Product Images

It is a selling tool which gives you a link to add on your Instagram profile. Once it is clicked by the user, it will connect you to your storefront. The Like2buy storefront creates the clickable image gallery of images of the products which are available. You can connect several products with one image. You can add user-generated content or use fan photos to your gallery. It is the best way to build your online presence and make new content faster and with ease.

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