Miami’s best looking man diet

Meet Miami’s best looking man diet. Many of us have heard over and over, you are what you eat! In the fitness world there is no truer statement. Yet, all too often we think that if we train hard we can “reward” ourselves with the foods we eat. This cannot be FURTHER from the truth.

Some of these ingredients keep the dressing from spoiling on the shelf while others are used to change the texture. While some of these ingredients may be harmless, it’s easy to avoid them if you make your own dressing at home.


You can always double a recipe so you can keep some in your refrigerator for later use.

Breakfast Cereal: With so many kinds of cereal in many grocery store aisles, choosing a healthy cereal can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Plus our bodies are not building to process tons of sugar. And let us not forget the amount of sodium found in jarred pasta sauce! You can do much better at home. You can make a simple sauce by just adding garlic powder and fresh basil to canned no-salt-added crushed tomatoes and add a pinch of salt to bump up the flavor.

Or you could get fancy and sauté fresh chopped tomatoes and minced garlic in olive oil in a sauté pan until they melt into a nice thick sauce. Either way, you have options. You can always make a big batch so that you can freeze leftovers for later use.

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