Lap Pools – An Excellent Workout

The first thing that comes to many people’s minds when they think of pools is the beautiful hotel and resort pools, or the type that is only recreational in purpose. Most people use swimming pools for casual recreation. Swimming pools, however, are incredibly useful for fitness. Aquatic exercise is rising in popularity; likewise, more and more pools are being constructed with exercise in mind.


A large reason why so many pools are built for fitness is that swimming is a highly effective form of exercise. Not only is it an aerobic exercise comparable to walking or even running, but it is less stressful on joints because the water supports the body and reduces the force of impact. To facilitate swimming for fitness, special pools have been designed, such as above-ground or in ground lap pools. You now have the opportunity to swim your way to health and fitness.

A lap pool, as the name suggests, is specifically made for “swimming laps,” or more generally, for exercise and fitness. Lap pool design is unique among swimming pools. They are generally rectangular in shape, rather than the more circular designs often favored for recreational pools. In addition, lap pools tend to be much narrower, often only one lane in length. An inground lap pool will typically be at least 50 feet in length.

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