Kids Martial Arts Program

The owner, Ryan Fiorenzi, was the first person to achieve the rank of Black Belt in Michigan.  East West is proud to have another Black Belt under the Machados, Tyrone Gooden, also teaching classes.

Our Muay Thai Instructor, Kru Nick Hewitson, is a highly decorated fighter and teacher.  He is undefeated in over 120 professional Muay Thai fights in Thailand and in Europe, undefeated in 52 full contact matches, and is the USA Muay Thai Association Instructor of the year from 200-2004.  He is also an instructor to many military and counter terrorism units worldwide.


We offer classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing, Wrestling, MMA strength and Conditioning, and Judo, and many of our classes combine these arts  together as a mixed Kids Martial Arts combination.  Our realistic self defense curriculum teaches students to use and defend punching, kicking, takedowns and clinch work, ground grappling with and without the gi (uniform), leg locks, as well as basic weapons defense and multiple attacker defense.

Our schedule offers classes early morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend.

Our primary focus is ground grappling, based in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  As most self-defense situations end up in close and on the ground, we want to realistically prepare students for a self defense situation, if it is unavoidable.  Jiu-Jitsu means “gentle art.”  Our curriculum is based on leverage, strategy, and timing, and not strength.  In this way a student can defend themselves vs. a larger and stronger attacker.

We have a 3,400 square foot training facility with 2 training rooms.

We strive to develop students who excel in technique and character.  We believe that martial arts is more than striking and grappling.  It is an art form that helps students explore their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual potentials.

Our MMA classes are conducted in a relaxed and friendly environment, practicing the Machado creed, “Leave Your Ego At The Door.”

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