Tried and true search engine optimization methods that work

After all is said and done, there is no mystery to search engine optimization.  Just a little common sense will go a long way. We use two basic methods of search engine optimization.  Every site has its own unique needs, and we will determine the best method of optimization for your site once we’ve had a chance to examine it carefully.


  1. Writing or rewriting your existing content for search engines and your prospects. Very often when we optimize a site, our professional writers will need to rewrite the text currently showing on your pages to incorporate your keyword phrases for high rankings.  We understand your company has a particular branded tone and feel that needs to be reflected, and as such we will work closely with your marketing department and/or train your writers in SEO writing.
  2. Editing your existing content for keyword phrases. For some Web sites there may already be enough well-written, visible text that allows us to weave in the targeted keyword phrases, where appropriate. This is often the case with high content sites.

Please note: Highly graphic and/or Flash pages cannot be optimized using traditional copy-writing methods. For these types of sites, we recommend concentrating on Directory Submissions and/or creating new search engine friendly pages for the site.