ATI Gaming at it’s BEST

Unforunately, most pre-built computers from the big names in computers have low wattage power supplies and will not support high-end video cards. Many also lack an extra 6-pin power connector required by mid to high-end graphics cards. Currently the best performing graphics card that does not require an extra power connector and is safe to use on many pre-built computers that contain only a 250 or 300 watt power supply is the AMD Radeon 7750

To check whether your computer can handle a better graphics card you will need to open up the computer case. Look for the sticker on your power supply that states its wattage or if you cannot find one, go to the technical specification for you computer on your computer manufacturer’s website. Ideally, the power supply should be more than 400 watts with the +12V listing 25A (amps) or more and at least one free 6 pin power connector which looks like this:

This is the latest and greatest on the market right now, the Radeon HD 7970 is quite simply amazing.


This card has an amazing texture fill rate and it blows the competition out of the water. Most of this is due to the simple fact that no cards are within it’s range right now and the price is unbeatable!


The card is pretty noisy and if you’re going to be running 2 in a crossfire setup then you should expect and aircraft engine. Also, as with most cards now, they run slightly warm. No worries, they’re meant to handle the heat! If you’re in a smaller office area you should crank up that AC because it’ll get HOT!


For the price, the cards a definitely worth it! And you better believe that you won’t need to upgrade for atleast 24-36 months. No games are going to give this card any trouble at all.

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